The best medicine! Have faith though! You sound like too lovely a person to let the little things stop you. I believe your year will be wonderful and not nearly as stressful :D

Stana’s face cures all problems. It should be declared an official remedy.

Yeah I refuse to let this get to me any further, I can just move on from this, I just really needed a rant, so thank you for listening and for ranting along with me! :)

Lovely? Not usually a word I’d associate with myself, but thank you, and I try not to at least, just sometimes after so many little things it feels like one big thing and I really just need to get things out.

Hope this new year will be better, I can’t be having a repeat of this past year. If so I shall personally jump in front of a car, or bus, or train, or something… I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, thank you :) You’re really a nice person and I hope you have a great new year, hopefully as stress free and wonderful as can be! :D

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